About Us

We are open from 6h30 am until 17h30 pm weekdays.
We are open during school holidays and only close for the December break. We also allow siblings and friends to join our holiday programs.
Our monthly fees include ALL meals & snacks and drinks .

  • Breakfast is served until 08h00 (this is different types of hot porridges)
  • At 10h00 we serve the children a fruit snack and juice
  • At 12h00 they have a cooked meal, including fresh vegetables, meat, starch (menu available under “attachments”)
  • At 15h00 they sandwiches and juice

All our meals & snacks are prepared freshly on a daily basis in our kitchen on-site. The kitchen is open to all parents!
We have excellent security which includes:

  • A full-time security guard that is on duty 24 hours
  • A CCTV system with 6 cameras in critical areas
  • We have one main entrance which is secured with an access pad

Our staff & teachers are dedicated and fully trained with a lot of experience.

We offer a wide range of extra-mural activities

We follow an international curriculum and have integrated the CAPS Curriculum as well. We follow international standards and milestones and develop our learners to the best they can be!

The Bright Buddies staff is committed to the families we serve, providing support and encouragement.

The owner and principal of the school, Chanè Stander, has a degree in Psychology and Human Science and is registered at the SACE (the professional council for educators of South Africa). She has years of experience with children and a huge passion to teach and care for little ones. It is her mission to give EXCELLENT care and education to all children.

Download the D6 Communicator:

We make use of D6 Communicator App, to inform parents whats happening at school on a daily basis http://www.school-communicator.com/download.php